Spring Rolls - $9
A mixture of vegetables and bean thread noodles in spring roll wrapper, then golden-fried. Served with our special sweet and sour sauce

Satay Gai - $11
Skewers of thin sliced chicken marinated in coconut milk and spices. Served with delicious homemade peanut sauce

Prawns in the Basket – $11
Tiger prawns wrapped in spring roll wrapper with iceberg, drizzled with our house sauce. Served with mint leaves and fruits

Jitlada Larb – $13
Minced beef, chicken, or pork with roasted ground rice, onions, and mint leaves tossed in lime juice. Served over lettuce leaves.

Yum Pla-Muk – $12
Slices of cooked squid in a mixture of lime juice, spices, tomato, onion and fresh mint leaves

Plar-Goong – $14
Slightly cooked prawns marinated in lime juice, sweet chilli paste, tomato, red onion, lemon grass and fresh mints leaves

Papaya Salad (Som Tum Thai) – $11
Julienne of green papaya with fresh lime juice, fish sauce, peanuts, tomato and chilli. Served with fresh green leaves

Yum-Woon Sen – $12
Vermicelli noodles with ground pork, shrimps, onions, mint leaves, peanut, lemon juice and Thai spice

Tom-Yum Goon or Gai (For 2 people) – $12
Tasty hot and sour soup with prawns or chicken, mushrooms, kha root, lime juice, lemon grass, kaffir leaves and a touch of chilli paste

Tom Kha Gai (For 2 people) – $12, Seafood $16
Smooth and creamy coconut soup with sliced chicken, lemon grass, mushrooms and galangal


Pad Thai – $13
Pan-fried Thai rice-noodle in tamarind sauce with prawns, egg, tofu, bean sprouts, green onion and topped with peanuts

Jitlada Fried Rice – $15
Fried rice with pineapple, carrots, onions, tomato, and raisins. Choice of beef, chicken, pork or tofu

Chicken Swimming Angels – $14
Sliced chicken served on a bed of fast cooked spinach and topped with delicious special-house peanut sauce

Chicken with Cashews – $13
A flavourful dish with sliced chicken with sautéed onion, cashew nuts, carrot, bell pepper and Thai soy sauce

Pad Gra-Paow – $14
Sautéed sliced in light brown sauce with carrots, fresh basil, onion and chilli peppers. Choice of beef, chicken, pork, or tofu

Garlic Pork – $15
Sautéed sliced pork tenderloin in fresh garlic and black pepper sauce

Garlic Prawn – $16
Prawns sautéed with fresh garlic, black pepper sauce, broccoli & carrot

Goong Nam-Prig Paow – $16
Sautéed prawns in sweet chilli paste with carrots, broccoli and Thai basil

Gaeng Kiew-Wan (Green) pork/beef/chicken/vegetable – $16
Green curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, squash, eggplant, bell-pepper and Thai basil

Gaeng Daeng (Red) pork/beef/chicken/vegetable – $16
Red curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, squash, eggplant, bell-pepper and Thai basil

Gaeng Mus-A-Mun pork/beef/chicken/vegetable – $16
Onion, potato, peanuts and coconut milk in mas-a-mun curry paste

Pa-nang  pork/beef/chicken/vegetable – $15, Prawn $16
Sauteed in red curry and coconut milk, bell-pepper and Thai sweet basil

Jasmine Rice – $2/person
Coconut Rice $3/person

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